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2021 Club Championship Rankings
(7, 14, 21 Aug.)

Men's Singles:

1st: Luke Potter (Gold)
2nd: Pierre Badenhorst (Silver)
3rd: HD Potgieter (Bronze)
4th: Stephen Leukes (Semi-finalist)
5th: Johnny Giessing (QF)
6th: Francois Hoon (QF)
7th: Johan Giessing (QF)
8th: Allan Lewis (QF)
9th: Jaco Visser (Plate Ch.)
10th: Anton Mouton
11th: Eben Badenhorst
12th: Henry Pieters
13th: Emil Do Kock
14th: Petri Strauss
15th: Stefan Lingenfelder
16th: Hendry Gardiner
17th: Stefan Du Toit (Bowl Ch.)
18th: Stephen Delport
19th: Adam Leukes
20th: Novak Milakovic
21th: Jurie Hanekom

Men's Doubles:

1st: (Gold) Luke Potter & Anton Mouton
2nd: (Silver) Francois Hoon & Jaco Visser
3rd: (Bronze) Johnny Giessing
  & Dwayne Pretorius
4th: (SF's) Henry Pieters & Emil De Kock
5th: (Plate) Stephen & Adam Leukes
6th: Johan Giessing & Allan Lewis
7th: Henre Kleynhans & S.(jr) Delport
8th: Petri Strauss & Christof Dreyer
9th: HD Potgieter & Novak Milakovic
10th: Stefan Du Toit & Stephen Delport
11th: Jurie Hanekom & Stefan Lingenfelder
12th: Eben & Wilhelm Badenhorst

Ladies Singles

1st: Abigael Strauss (Gold)
2nd: Chante Kotze (Silver)
3rd: Leandi Dreyer (Bronze)
4th: Helet Malherbe (SF)
5th: Teresia De Jongh
6th: Helanie Malherbe
7th: Daleen Van Zyl

Ladies Doubles:

1st: (Gold) Abigael Strauss
  & Chante Kotze
2nd: (Silver) Leandi Dreyer
  & Helanie Malherbe
3rd: (Bronze) Teresia De Jongh
  & Helanie Malherbe
4th: Helet Malherbe
  & Daleen Van Zyl

Mixed Doubles:

1st: (Gold) Francois Hoon & Leandi Dreyer
2nd: (Silver) Henry Pieters & Helet Malherbe
3rd: (Bronze) Jaco Visser & Chante Kotze
4th: (SF's) Petri & Abigael Strauss
5th: (Plate) Helanie Malherbe & Anton Mouton
6th: Alika & Jurie Hanekom
7th: Dwayne Pretorius & Teresia De Jongh
8th: Johan Giessing & Daleen Van Zyl

Social Rankings - 21 May 2022:

01. Henry Pieters
02. Johan Giessing
03. Francois Hoon
04. Dwayne Pretorius
05. Johnny Giessing
06. Adam Leukes
07. Allan Lewis
08. Stephen Leukes
09. Stephen Delport
10. Jaco Visser
11. Heinrich Bruyns
12. Leon Massyn
13. Deon Treurnicht
14. Stefan Du Toit
15. Emil De Kock
16. Anton Mouton
17. Jurie Hanekom
18. Novak Mil"Djokovic"
19. Daniel Burton
20. Stephen Jr. Delport
21. Branko Milakovic
22. Kobus Van Rooyen
23. HD Potgieter
24. Pierre Badenhorst
25. Petri Strauss
26. Niel Badenhorst
27. Pieter Van Vuuren
28. Hendry Gardiner
29. Eben Badenhorst
30. Lehan Von Solms
31. Leon Von Solms
32. Terence Lawrence
33. Ters Bezuidenhout
34. Wilhelm Badenhorst
35. Christoff Dreyer
36. Erhard Von Solms
37. Keegan Isaacs
38. Dirk Heyns
39. Adrian Maxwell
40. Kobus Myburgh
01. Helet Malherbe
02. Judy Radloff
03. Chante Kotze
04. Helanie Malherbe
05. Abigael Strauss
06. Teresia De Jongh
07. Leandi Dreyer
08. Hanlie Massyn
09. Lizna Snyman
10. Edmé Brink
11. Alika Hanekom
12. Elizabeth Opperman
13. Charmaine Myburgh
14. Ebe Badenhorst
15. Amé Snyman
16. Lea Snyman
17. Alicia Fortuin

MEN continued...
41. Peter Tumu
42. Benna Bezuidenhout
43. Ruan Snyman
44. Ashley Davids
45. Jean Fourie
46. Robin Appelgryn
47. Bernard McGregor
48. Hein De Jongh

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Saturday Social Tennis & Social Ranking
14:00 - 17:00

Saturday Social Ranking Explanation:

1. Each game a player wins in a set, playing either singles or as part of a doubles pair, will add towards a total of ranking points (for an onwards rolling maximum span of 52 weeks/1 year, similar to ATP World Rankings) which will determine their social ranking. In this way performance as well as regular attendance will impact the rankings. At the end of June each social ranking awards will be given according to the social ranking points after the last Saturday in June.
2. Should a new member join or an existing member start playing social for the first time, they will be allocated starting points (SP), which will be 10 points less than the lowest ranked player of their gender (max.30). In this way they don't need to start at 0 and not be able to move up in the rankings swiftly. Starting points will fall away after a 12-month period has passed.

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